At Cheetham we feel that parents should have the oppotunity to develop their own skills as well as being able to work alongside their children. We are a community of learners who are ‘Together in Learning’.

We also welcome volunteers to support the school. If you are interested in a volunteering position please read the Students and Volunteers Policy and download an application form from the tab on the left hand side. All regular volunteers will be required to undertake a Criminal Records check (DBS).

Come Dine With Dads is an initiative facilitated by Jenny WIldgoose and Ali McKernan aimed at providing an opportunity for male role models to become more involved in their children’s learning. Whether they are a dad, brother, uncle or Grandad, they’re all welcome to take part. It is a fantastic learnnig experience, which allows for special family time and bonding between children and their dads,

With our own resident celebrity, Ali McKernan, winner of Channel 4’s Come DIne With Me, the sessions are informative, giving healthy recipe ideas and experiences, but most of all fun. We have tailored the more recent sessions, to also incorporate a touch of ‘philosophy for children’ (and parents) (P4C), with specific discussion topics / activities, such as ‘place 7 things in the circle you could not live without’. This promoted discussions about differences of opinions and what is important to us all.

Our target is to reach as many families as possible, to hopefully bring about a small change to family life.

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Families and Schools Together is a huges 8 week project that involves 40 families dining with us every week. Cheetham have taken part in 2 cycles of the project, engaging over 90 families in total. The project is aimed at empowering parents and improving outcomes for children due to improved family cohesion. Analysis showed that after cycle on parents said:

  • parent to school contact increased by+ 31%
  • school involvement increased by +400%
  • total parental involvement in education increased by +111%
  • other areas of improvements noted by parents were: Social networks, parent-child relationships, family cohesion.