Phonics and Reading Schemes for KS1

Here at Cheetham, reading is of priority, because we believe that a love of reading unlocks a whole new world of fun, creativity and imagination for children.  We strive to expose children to a wide range of rich and varied texts, and work with parents to build capacity to support children in the early stages of reading.

We have our very own READING SQUAD, made up of over 25 parent volunteers who sweep through the school engaging in fun reading activities with children who need that extra support.

Through the Primary Writing Project we have developed a reading spine from Nursery to Year 6, which ensures children have access to high quality texts that are age appropriate.  Children in class experience daily shared reading, where reading strategies are modelled and taught, as well as a daily ‘read aloud’ for enjoyment.

The academy uses a variety of reading schemes for guided reading to ensure that children are exposed to a wide and varied range of literature. From Nursery to Year 3, the main two reading schemes used for take home books are Oxford Reading Tree and Badger Learning. Books are changed once a week in Key Stage One, however more than 1 book is sent home at a time.  Parents are also encouraged to access ‘Oxford Owl’ library online, where children can choose from hundreds of books to read on a laptop or tablet.

Children in EYFS and KS1 are taught phonics on a daily basis and children attend a phase related group. Teachers plan fun and interactive sessions based on the Letters and Sounds Document.

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